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    Ghent is easy to reach by train, and its main railway station ("Sint-Pieters") has a direct connection with Brussels airport that takes about one hour. You can then hop on Tram T1 to the city centre (i.e. stop at "Zonnestraat"), where a variety of hotels are located within walking distance of the conference venue. Although it is a beautiful stroll alongside the river Liss, you can get closer to the venue with tram T1 (stop at "Bijlokehof").


    CBM will take place in De Bijloke, which was built in the 13th century as hospital but has recently been renovated to function as music hall and conference venue. The conference dinner will be served in the Oude Vismijn, a historical market hall where fish was sold from the Middle Ages until the 1960s.

    Lectures at “De Bijloke” > Bijlokekaai 7

    Dinner at “Oude Vismijn” > Sint-Veerleplein 5

    Tram stop "Bijlokehof" > Groot-Brittaniëlaan 3

    Tram stop "Zonnestraat" > Kouter 138

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  •  The city of Ghent truly breathes history, from the “three towers” in its iconic skyline to the masterpiece “the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” painted by the van Eyck brothers. However, it also offers an exciting cocktail of modern city life, combining gastronomy with music, art, and festivities. With about 85.000 students on a population of 270.000 inhabitants, the atmosphere certainly is vibrant. The university of Ghent is consistently listed in the top 100 of all major academic rankings, with Life Sciences doing particularly well.