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  • Guidelines for presentations

    Poster presentations

    • The standard size for posters is 0.85 x 1.2 m (A0 standard).
    • Please use a vertical orientation (i.e. portrait format).
    • All authors should be present at their poster during the corresponding session (A = Monday, B = Tuesday) to answer questions. The scientific committee will visit all posters and award a prize to the best one, based on content, presentation and discussion. In addition, a few abstracts (labelled A1-9 and B1-9) have been selected for a poster pitch, meaning that the authors get to present their poster on the main stage with a few powerpoint slides (2 min).


    Oral presentations

    • Please set the slide dimensions to 16:9 (widescreen).
    • Only PowerPoint and PDF formats are accepted.
    • We recommend sending us your presentation via email before May 1st, 2024. However, if you prefer not to send us your presentation in advance, then please deliver it on a USB drive to the technical desk in the conference room well in advance, and at the latest, before the first session of the day of your presentation.
    • Starting the presentation from your own laptop will not be possible.
    • Please respect the provided time limit and leave some time for questions.
    • For questions about your presentation or your slides, feel free to ask help to our team in the conference hall before the morning session or during breaks (our team will be wearing CBM15 t-shirts).


    Selected poster pitch presentations (on stage)

    • Please respect the strict time limit of 2 min.
    • You can prepare slides (without animations) to be shown during your pitch.
    • Please set the slide dimensions to 16:9 (widescreen) and save them in PowerPoint of PDF format.
    • Send us your slide(s) via email by April 30, 2024.
    • The poster pitches will follow a regular session (i.e. session 4 or session 8). Please take a seat near the aisle to ensure easy access to the stage when the poster pitches start.